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Boozy Coffee Cocktails Perfect For Summer

If you’re on a cocktail-making kick, we recommend giving boozy coffee beverages a try. Coffee cocktails, similar to iced coffees in consistency, make satisfying summer drinks, and their caffeine punch is ideal for virtual happy hours, brunch, or just because (no judgment here!). Each cocktail has a cool, creamy texture that’s perfect for hot days,

10-Minute Barre Workout Videos Perfect For Muscle Toning

Barre workouts are all about low-impact, muscle-fatiguing movements. Even if you only have 10 minutes to exercise, this recipe is great for challenging your muscles without putting your joints at risk of injury. Ideal for all fitness levels, you can add dumbbells or ankle and wrist weights to your barre workout, or opt for no

Why Jake Picking Was the Perfect Actor to Play Rock Hudson

While the focus of Netflix’s Hollywood is fictional characters like Jack Costello (David Corenswet) and Archie Coleman (Jeremy Pope), there are also actors portraying real people like Jake Picking as Rock Hudson. From the moment Picking appears on screen, he truly embodies the Golden Era icon and it’s almost as if Hudson has graced our

The Perfect White T-Shirt For Women | Editor Review 2020

When it comes to t-shirts, I am so freakin’ picky. I have probably purchased at least 50 white tees over the past few years, but only a few pass my series of tests and remain in my dresser. I have several t-shirt requirements: It can’t be see through. My bra should not be visible. When

Nick Jonas’s “The Perfect Swing” Sleep Story on Audible

Your restless nights may just come to a halt thanks to Nick Jonas’s new (and free!) 37-minute sleep story on Audible. (If you aren’t familiar with sleep stories, they’re recordings created to help you relax and calm your mind so that you can sleep better.) If you’ve been tossing, turning, and waking up in the