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Watch Kelly Clarkson Give Toddler Advice in the Bathtub

She might not be covering famous songs on her “Kellyoke” segment, but Kelly Clarkson is absolutely still keeping us entertained. The hilarious mom recently escaped the reality of parenting for some alone time and bathtub drinks while isolating with her family in Montana. And if you had any doubt that Kelly would keep it 100

Holderness Family’s 1980s Guide to Self-Isolation Video

Parents who are home with the kids have probably thought about what life in self-isolation would be like without cell phones, computers, and tons of TV channels to choose from. Recently, the Holderness family painted a hilarious picture of what families would be up against if they hopped in a time machine and landed in

Joshua Jackson’s Anxiety Over Becoming a First-Time Parent

Image Source: Getty / Tommaso Boddi With his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith, just days away from her April 1 due date, soon-to-be dad Joshua Jackson is relying on his Little Fires Everywhere costars Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon for advice. Feeling anxious about Jodie giving birth during this uncertain time, he told Buzzfeed’s AM to DM

Family Create Disney Park at Home After Vacation Is Canceled

When Jessica and Brett Gubenko realized they were going to have to cancel their Disney family vacation, they knew their daughters, 8-year-old Sadie and 4-year-old Summer, were going to be heartbroken. But rather than simply sulking about the bad news, Jessica and Brett put their heads together to make an incredible at-home Disney park experience.

Family Turns Garage Into Nightclub For Son’s 21st Birthday

@emilytorchia It was a good time ##ButterGlossPop ##gamingszn ##selfquarantine ##coronavirus ##MoodBoost ##21 ♬ original sound – emilytorchia Social distancing hasn’t stopped families from going to Disneyland (virtually), taking field trips all over the world, and finding other ways to keep themselves entertained. For Emily Torchia from Roseland, NJ, self-isolation wasn’t about to get in the

Why Alicia Keys Chose to Move Forward With Second Pregnancy

When it comes to reproductive rights and the stigma around abortion, Alicia Keys understands what it’s like to make a difficult decision. In her new book More Myself, Alicia opened up about her personal struggle in deciding whether or not to go through with her second pregnancy in 2014 after finding out she was pregnant

Funny Tweets From Homeschooling Parents to Teachers

If there’s one thing I can attest to after a week of homeschooling my children, it’s that this sh*t is hard. Oh, and that teachers are otherworldly saints who deserve million-dollar raises and a Teacher Appreciation Week that lasts for roughly the next 27 years. It was only on day two with my two kids

Moshi Twilight App Review | POPSUGAR Family

Image Source: Unsplash / Kelly Sikkema You know those nights when your child begs for another bedtime story or uses extreme thirst, a sudden need to pee, or any other conceivable excuse to buy a few more minutes of awake time? I used to experience bedtime struggles at least a few times a week, until