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Is It Safe to Fly With Kids Amid the Novel Coronavirus?

With social-distancing regulations loosening across the United States, parents may be wondering when it’ll be safe to fly with the kids again. Although the CDC outlined safety measures in the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, not much has changed in terms of guidelines. However, TSA hopes to put new airpot regulations into effect by mid-June,

How to Talk to Kids About Protests and Activism

Protests and rebellions have erupted in cities across the US this week, and with everyone likely still at home because of the pandemic, there’s a good chance your child overheard you discussing the events, or they saw photos of them on your phone’s newsfeed or they caught a glimpse of the action on the TV

Hobbies For Kids to Pick Up While Staying Home

Coming up with strings of activities for our kids to do in-between homeschooling and family walks is definitely not easy, and not exactly sustainable for a long period of time. However, this is the perfect opportunity to foster some independence in your child and help set them up with a hobby that can carry them

A Kids Book About Racism Interview With Author Jelani Memory

As a Black father with a blended family, Jelani Memory knew that conversations about racism would be an inevitable part of his six kids’ lives — and not just because of the colors of their skin. Jelani has a strict philosophy for raising his children with “unwavering honesty.” Always upfront with tough topics and desiring

Nicole Byer Shares How to Explain Racism to Kids

Nicole Byer has written a script on how to explain racism to children, and she’s calling upon white parents to put it to use. On Tuesday, the host of Netflix’s Nailed It! shared that after seeing a comment on Instagram from a parent that said they would “keep their head down” and just let their

Tips to Help Parents Who Are Tired of Cooking Every Meal

After dinner with my family last night, I performed a rather sadistic math equation. I decided to total up all the meals we’ve had to serve during our time sheltering in place. We’re a family of four, and we rather graciously provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Considering we’ve been doing so for roughly eight weeks,

How to Talk to Your Kids About White Privilege

White privilege is a topic you might be hearing a lot about lately, mostly due to the hatred and violence that, sadly, occur in this country so often. But while it might seem like a new term to some, it’s been alive and well for centuries, whether you’ve chosen to acknowledge it or not. So

Watch Kristen Bell and Lake Bell Crash a Mommy and Me Class

Every “mommy and me” class is different, but we’re pretty confident there’s only one that got a surprise visit from Kristen Bell. The Frozen actress recruited the help of her friend (and her husband’s Bless This Mess co-star) Lake Bell to crash a class of parents with toddlers for the most recent Momsplaining segment, and