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Netflix’s The English Game True Story

Even if you’re not a Downton Abbey fan, it’s hard not to enjoy Netflix’s new historical sports drama, The English Game. Penned by Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes, this six-part miniseries tells the story of how football (or, as Americans call it, soccer) came to be the most-played sport across the world, focusing on the

Reactions to Netflix’s Tiger King Docuseries

There’s a whole lot to process from Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The show centers on Oklahoma zookeeper Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, and his eventual downfall leading to his imprisonment for several crimes. As you can imagine (or just witness for yourself), Maldonado-Passage’s journey from being the king of

Netflix’s Tiger King Memes | POPSUGAR Entertainment

If you haven’t yet watched Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King, first of all, what are you even doing? Second of all, you need to watch immediately, because the whole story is absolutely wild. The show centers on Tiger King Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma zookeeper of sorts and lover of big cats who is also a polygamist

Morgan From Netflix’s Cheer Says Her Life “Changed a Lot”

In just six episodes, Netflix’s Cheer hooked viewers into the world of collegiate-level cheerleading and got us invested in the personal lives of the Navarro cheer squad. In a recent interview with Canadian publication Global News, Morgan Simianer, one of the team’s top flyers, opened up about what it was like to have her story