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Is Space Force on Netflix a True Story?

Image Source: Netflix It’s a been big year for the United States Space Force (USSF), which is now categorized as the sixth branch of the armed forces. Not only were they officially established as a new military branch, but also found themselves as inspiration behind Netflix’s newest parody series, unsurprisingly called Space Force. The comedy

Underrated Comedy Movies on Netflix in 2020

More so than ever, a hearty laugh can’t hurt. If you’re itching for new chuckles after watching Bridesmaids for the hundredth time, Netflix has an ever-expanding library full of underrated comedies. Whether you’re partial to the swoon-worthy kisses in rom-coms or the raunchy escapades in wacky romps, there’s really something for everyone. Got two or

15 Movies and TV Shows to Watch After Hollywood on Netflix

If you’ve already binged Hollywood on Netflix and are looking for something new, look no further! Ryan Murphy’s showbiz drama imagines an alternate history where a group of determined but marginalized creatives managed to make a movie that changed the course of history. Luckily, we don’t need an alternate history to find some great movies