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Why Alicia Keys Chose to Move Forward With Second Pregnancy

When it comes to reproductive rights and the stigma around abortion, Alicia Keys understands what it’s like to make a difficult decision. In her new book More Myself, Alicia opened up about her personal struggle in deciding whether or not to go through with her second pregnancy in 2014 after finding out she was pregnant

How to Make Your Space Feel Like You When You Move Back Home

It’s not uncommon for adults to move back in with their parents. During college, after graduation, after a breakup, or even just during a time of financial hardship, moving back in with your parents can be a great way to save some money. However, moving back home can also come with its own unique set

5 Tips to Get Back in the Gym

Author: Brittany Winfrey Everyone takes a break from their exercise routine. Whether it’s from being sick, a vacation, or just that life gets busy, taking long stretches off from the gym is bound to happen. It’s helpful to remember that it’s completely normal for your exercise consistency to ebb and flow throughout the course of