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The 7 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Author: Angela Finn PSA: Ditching fruits to lose weight is not necessary, nor is it encouraged. Seriously! A while back, we busted the myth: You shouldn’t eat fruit because it’s high in sugar. Sure, fruits do contain carbohydrates (also known as naturally occurring sugars), but these carbohydrates are complex (literally and figuratively) and they are

Driveway Training: a Full-Body Workout for Healthy Muscles and Fat Loss

Training in your driveway is a lot of fun, and more versatile than you might imagine. In fact, you can have a better workout in your driveway than you can at the gym. This full-body workout is appropriate for both women and men, of all fitness levels. It’s designed to develop healthy muscles while promoting

The 4 Best Diets for Weight Loss

Losing weight is no cake walk. Most diets for weight loss are restrictive, counterintuitive, and expensive. And the absurd thing is – after all the sacrifice, money, and anticipation – the weight typically comes back when you stop dieting! Fortunately, there are a handful of exceptions. The following diets are not comprehensive or sustainable weight

10 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Can you really lose weight by snacking? If you’re coming from a traditional diet background, the idea might sound a bit absurd. After all, food is calories. If you want to lose weight, eat less. It’s that simple… right? Actually, sustainable weight loss is anything but simple. For most people, making lasting change means building