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Benefits of Keeping a Migraine Diary

One of the most frustrating things about the throbbing pain of a horrible migraine is having no clue what caused it — and therefore not knowing how to possibly stop it from happening again. Keeping a migraine diary could be the tool that helps you finally identify those agonizing triggers and the warning signs that

Dealing with lockdown loneliness – from keeping active to coping without hugs

Living alone during lockdown can put a huge strain on your mental health. More than a ­quarter of Brits are feeling lonely in lockdown, according to a recent survey by UK charity, the Mental Health Foundation. And with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, keeping our spirits up feels like a full-time job.

How My Mom and I Are Keeping Our 5K Tradition Alive in 2020

I’ve lost track of how many events on my calendar have been cancelled this year. Concerts, birthday parties, wedding showers, work conferences . . . the list goes on. But one event I refuse to let this pandemic take from me? Running a 5K with my mom on Mother’s Day. It’s tradition, and we’re determined

Ten steps to keeping healthy in coronavirus lockdown including your ‘new normal’

Sticking to healthy habits can feel like a challenge at the moment with our daily lives being turned upside down. It’s never been more important to take care of physical and emotional health though, and when we do our whole family benefits. Here’s the lowdown on looking after yourself in lockdown… Reset your goals If

Tips For Keeping Kids Motivated While Homeschooling

Now that social-distancing orders — and by extension, homeschooling — are in full swing, parents are finding themselves playing teacher while also holding down full-time jobs. Although there are a lot of perils that come with virtual learning — technical difficulties with Zoom, anyone?! — making sure your children stay on track educationally is a

Vitamin D tips and 12 other ways of keeping bones healthy in coronavirus lockdown

We might be cooped up indoors, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to sit around all day – as tempting as that is. ‘Staying active helps to keep bones strong and healthy,’ says osteopath Jess Roberts, founder of In fact, research suggests that walking the recommended 10,000 steps a day could be enough to

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Keeping active is the best prostate cancer medicine – Miriam Stoppard

A friend whose brother was ­diagnosed with prostate ­cancer, had completed all his treatment and was declared free of the disease, asked me what he should do to keep himself healthy. I was reminded of an excellent study from Bristol Medical School on the life-saving effect of exercise on prostate cancer. It ­examined the effect