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Watch Kerry Washington Discuss Race Education For Kids

Kerry Washington, Little Fires Everywhere actress and mom of two, recently spoke about both the importance of democracy and of teaching children a much more extended version of Black history in a virtual interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After discussing the role that privilege plays in society, she explained how she’s working hard to talk

Adam Sandler’s Daughter Sunny on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Adam Sandler’s 11-year-old daughter, Sunny, doesn’t hold back! In a hilarious interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam shared a story about how Sunny delicately pointed out that he had hair growing out of his ears. Um, yikes! Fortunately, Sunny was there to save her dad from embarrassment. “I wanted to tell you a quick thing

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Daughter Jane Do His Makeup

When it comes to makeup, without a doubt one of the hardest skills to master is applying false eyelashes. Too much glue and it’s a mess, too little glue and they’re falling off. Buy them too long and they’re poking your eyes, cut them too short you look like a porcelain doll. Needless to say,

Chris Hemsworth Talks About Homeschooling His Kids Video

Chris Hemsworth is always a joy to watch. And even though we thought it was impossible, we love him even more after his interview Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. The pair start by discussing how they’re coping with lockdown — for Jimmy in the US, and Chris in Australia — before moving onto important topics

Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids Love His “Pasta Tina” Recipe | Video

Jimmy Kimmel recently shared his go-to pasta recipe for his two small kids, and it’s surprisingly easy! On Tuesday, the late-night host released a step-by-step video showing how he makes “Pasta Tina,” aka the dish he cooks “almost every day.” The unique name comes from pastina, a smaller style of pasta, although these days he