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Are Resistance Bands Good For Joint Pain?

If you deal with joint pain, the thought of squatting with a heavy barbell in your home — unsupervised by a professional — is understandably intimidating, especially if you’re brand new to lifting weights. You should know that strength training can be done by those who have joint pain — in fact, the Arthritis Foundation

Ways to Adjust Your Slider Technique For an Awesome Workout

Just because you’ve done planks and lunges before doesn’t mean you know how to do them with sliders — it’s that mindset that’ll lead you to an injury. Yes, sliders are great for adding resistance to core and leg exercises and stretching out your hips, Nick Bremer, a NASM-certified personal trainer with Blink Fitness, confirms

Simple Ankle-Strengthening Exercises For Runners

If your regular method of exercise is a long-distance run, paying attention to the strength of your ankles (and their overall health) may be in your best interest as an athlete. Ankle-strengthening exercises aren’t given as much attention at the gym as quad workouts, but as Steve Stonehouse — NASM CPT, USATF-certified run coach, and

The Importance of Warmups Before Virtual Bodyweight Workouts

Releasing pent-up energy has always been one of the driving forces behind my commitment to daily workouts — but sometimes my eagerness to get moving actually does more harm than good. Case in point: I’ll skip the warmups of my at-home bodyweight classes and jump into the workout right when the instructor sounds off a

How to Prevent Lower-Back Pain During Push-Ups

Let’s hear it for push-ups — they’re an amazing tool for sculpting triceps, they don’t require a single piece of equipment, and after a few sets, you will definitely feel that glorious burn. But throw lower-back pain into the mix, and push-ups are just plain brutal. If you’re healthy and experiencing lower-back pain during push-ups,

Partial Reps Can Intensify Your Strength-Training Workout

When it comes to strength training, only completing part of a rep is far from a shortcut. It’s actually a technique called “partial reps.” Instead of completing a full extension of a movement, you only execute part of the exercise, which focuses and increases the workload on one specific area of the body, Oscar Smith,

How to Choose Dumbbells When You Can Only Buy One Set

With gyms and fitness studios closed, and all the equipment inside them inaccessible, dumbbells and free weights for at-home workouts are now hot commodities. If they’re not completely sold out on Amazon or sporting goods websites, the selection in sizes is slim pickings. Ideally, when building your own at-home gym, you’d probably want to purchase

How to Prevent Strength-Training Injuries at Home

For building muscle, burning fat and calories, and even improving your mood, strength training is where it’s at. But, like with any other exercise method, the potential for injury is real if form and safety measures aren’t taken seriously. Before jumping into a strength-training routine at home, check out these essential tips from certified strength