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How I’m Planning Summer Camp Activities at Home For My Kids

This school year has been such a wild ride with classes being cancelled abruptly in March and no clear indication of when they’ll resume again. As we get ready for summer vacation to start, it’s hard to feel excited about being home when that’s literally all that we have been doing for months now. I

Why I’m Letting My Kids Eat More Sugar During COVID-19

My son has picked up a love of baking while being homeschooled, and eating all of those sweets is something I’m choosing not to care about. Our isolating life has been far from perfect, but my kids have found themselves learning to love new hobbies — something they didn’t have the time for before. My

How I’m Honoring My Kid’s Last Day of School Amid COVID-19

The last day of school will certainly be different this year. We won’t be patiently waiting outside the doors of the school building to whisk up our kids with congratulatory hugs and kisses. We won’t be wiping away the tears as they bid farewell to the teachers who have nurtured and supported our children for

Why I’m Grateful to Be Single During Social Distancing

When Los Angeles County first announced a stay-at-home order was going into effect in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I immediately felt a sense of panic run through my body. What would this mean for me, my roommates, and my life as a single woman going forward? The fearless, independent version of myself slipped

I’m a Young Person at Greater Risk For Coronavirus

Over the past couple months, we’ve found ourselves in a strange and disconcerting new reality due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many shelves in grocery stores are empty, and toilet paper has become the hottest commodity in town (Purell is a close second). As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the globe, we’ve been directed to socially distance

How I’m Focusing on My Mental Health While Social Distancing

I’ve never had more free time than I do right now. For almost two months, I’ve stayed at home in my New York City apartment with just my two cats, avoiding any kind of exposure to COVID-19. I’m barely working, and I’ve hardly gone outside. But instead of focusing my energy on a new hobby