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Why You Shouldn’t Stretch With Resistance Bands

When gyms closed in early March, I stocked up on affordable fitness equipment that I could easily store in my tiny New York City apartment. Resistance bands quickly became the MVP of that category — and also in all my at-home workouts. I’ve used them around my ankles during jump squats to burn out my

How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage at Home

I’m definitely overwashing my hair right now. It’s not getting any oiler than usual, and I haven’t used a spritz of dry shampoo or popped open a tube of styling cream in nearly three months, so product build-up also isn’t an issue. Nine times out of 10, I’ve been wetting (and washing) my hair solely

Benefits of Keeping a Migraine Diary

One of the most frustrating things about the throbbing pain of a horrible migraine is having no clue what caused it — and therefore not knowing how to possibly stop it from happening again. Keeping a migraine diary could be the tool that helps you finally identify those agonizing triggers and the warning signs that

Posture-Correcting Exercises to Stop Rounding Shoulders

Proper posture has always been a work in progress for me, but a candid photo of myself is what really woke me up to the reality of my rounded shoulders. (Well, that plus the upper backaches.) The pic was recently snapped by my fiancé from across our work-from-home table. For the record, he was trying

Why a Morning Routine Is Essential When Working From Home

I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, but if I had to choose between snoozing my alarm for an extra 15 minutes and basically anything else, you’d find me with my eye mask on and curtains drawn, fighting for a few extra minutes of REM sleep. When I first began working from home, rolling