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One Week Workout Plan With Dumbbells You Can Do At Home

Time for our last weekly workout plan with this challenge…I admit I’m a little late for this one as I didn’t make it to my laptop yesterday. But it’s a good one. It’s a one week workout plan with dumbbells. Dumbbells, kettlebell, weight plate – whatever weight you have at home, whichever weight works for

7-Day Barre Workout Plan – Beauty Bites

It’s Wednesday and a new week, which means time for a new workout plan! This week we’ll do a 7-day barre workout plan, because, well, I kinda really love barre right now. What It’s About If you’re new, we’re doing this workout plan as part of a 70-day challenge to keep us motivated, inspired and

7-Day Pilates & Barre Workout Plan

And we’re back with the weekly at home workout plan! This week we’ll be doing barre and pilates workouts at home and we’ll get longer, leaner, stronger and more relaxed. You need almost no equipment, some light dumbbells for some of the workouts and a mat are enough. If you don’t have those – that’s

7-Day Yoga & Pilates Workout Plan

Every week for the next month I’ll be sharing an at home workout plan. This week we’re gonna ease into exercise with this 7-Day Yoga and Pilates workout plan that needs no equipment to calm your mind and strengthen your body. Hopefully, within a week you’ll feel stronger, more relaxed, more confident and happier overall.