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Introducing The Most Popular and Accurate Health Test – The FAST Test !

Heart diseases and heart failures, as well as strokes are among the highest death causers in the United States. It is estimated that only last year, approximately 795.000 people suffered from strokes. Another statistic estimated that every 5 minutes, a person in the States has a stroke. However, warning signs of a stroke, which is

Japanese Discover The Secret Of Their Long Life Expectancy !

Do you know that more than 50% of the Japanese population live into their 90’s? a study has concluded that the Asians as a nation have one of the world’s highest average life expectancy, estimated at about 83,7 years. As a simple comparation, Russians average lifespan is 68,7. Another interesting fact, according to the writings

Don’t Do This – It Kills Your Kidneys In a Very Short Notice !!!

Your body is a perfect clock-working mechanism. The function of each organ is crucial and extremely important.  The function of the kidneys is filtering and detoxifying the waste out of everything we intake daily in out bodies. Did you know that the kidneys filter approximately 120-150 quarters of blood every single day? Out of that,

4 Symptoms The Body Shows If You’re Eating Too Much Salt !

High blood pressure is mostly caused by increased consumption of salt. High cholesterol and plugged blood vessels are also a major problem that could bring sudden heart attacks and even strokes as well, but mostly, hypertension, as high blood pressure is commonly medically known, is the cause of these other two, more serious health problems.