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Indoor Allergens That Could Be Triggering Your Sinus Pain

Staying indoors to temper your seasonal-allergy symptoms is a realistic way to feel better throughout spring and early summer — just as long as the inside of your home is allergen-free, too. If you’re feeling unwavering congestion, sinus pressure, and headaches while inside, Dr. Purvi Parikh, MD, an allergist with Allergy & Asthma Network, wants

How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage at Home

I’m definitely overwashing my hair right now. It’s not getting any oiler than usual, and I haven’t used a spritz of dry shampoo or popped open a tube of styling cream in nearly three months, so product build-up also isn’t an issue. Nine times out of 10, I’ve been wetting (and washing) my hair solely

Benefits of Keeping a Migraine Diary

One of the most frustrating things about the throbbing pain of a horrible migraine is having no clue what caused it — and therefore not knowing how to possibly stop it from happening again. Keeping a migraine diary could be the tool that helps you finally identify those agonizing triggers and the warning signs that

Here’s How Far Away You Should Be Sitting From Your Computer

Work, Zoom happy hours, Netflix, online shopping — my digital dependency has reached new heights since social distancing started, and so have my screen-time headaches. “Screens can definitely trigger headaches, as well as a constellation of symptoms collectively called digital eye strain,” Dr. Rudrani Banik, M.D., a neuro-ophthalmologist with New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

How Changing Weather Is Impacting Your Allergy Symptoms

Where I’m from, spring is on a strict rain, wind, sun, repeat schedule — and it’s the reason I feel like I’m trapped on a seasonal allergy roller coaster. That’s because weather patterns can impact the severity and duration of seasonal allergy symptoms like headaches, itchy eyes, coughing, and a stuffy nose, Dr. Lorelei Vandiver,

Decode Your Work-From-Home Body Pain and Feel Better

You finally figured out how to do your job from the living room, only to be hit with another roadblock: work-from-home-induced body pain. Thankfully, Jon Cinkay, PT, the coordinator of body mechanics at HSS, has your back — and your head, shoulders, neck, knees, and feet, too. With his help, we’ve created a guide filled