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Beauty Brands Supporting Hairstylists During Coronavirus

Over the course of the last few weeks, it’s been inspiring to see how the beauty industry is coming together to support each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. Beauty brands are doing things like donating proceeds from sales to charity groups, giving away products to medical staff working on the frontlines, and even dedicating factory

Biggest Myths About Hair Loss

Every other day when I’m searching for new hair products to try, I can always count on coming across several different products that all target one specific problem: hair loss. It’s a problem that approximately 30 million women and as many as 50 million men suffer from, while many others can only hope to never

Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently in 3 Days, No shave No wax, Removal Facial & Body Hair Permanently

Today I will share an amazing unwanted hair removal treatment withwhich you can remove facial and body hair permanently. This method iseasy, effective and natural.I Ingredients You Will Need – 2 tablespoons of Johnson’s baby oil – 2 tablespoons of alum powder 1. First take some alum and grind it to make fine powder. Now in abowl take 2 tablespoons

Debby Ryan Swears By the L’Oréal Wonder Water, and It’s $9

Like most of us, Debby Ryan is keeping busy at home by practicing self-care. While some are choosing to take a long bath or do a little DIY manicure, she’s chosen to focus her efforts on her hair and repair the heat damage caused by regular styling. But instead of selecting a high-end hair mask