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Jennifer Lopez Shows Abs in At-Home Gym Selfie | Photo

Jennifer Lopez dropped a couple of gym selfies on Friday night and reminded us why she’s our fitness inspiration. Decked out in Niyama Sol camo activewear, the superstar sent fans a motivational message with her Instagram. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you . . .” she captioned the photos. You heard her,

Mom Makes DIY Gym in Driveway With Sidewalk Chalk | Video

Do your kids have energy to burn? Now that parents can’t rely on daily PE classes or after-school sports to give their children some much-needed movement, they’ve had to improvise. In fact, one mom managed to create a fully loaded fitness center in her own driveway. Even more impressive? It required just one simple item:

How I Learned to Enjoy Working Out Outside the Gym

I’ve been working out consistently for more than 10 years, always in a gym or studio and never at home. I’ve tried everything from kickboxing and big-box gyms to Pilates and personal training. Currently my love is F45, where I get the benefit of high-intensity interval training, weights, a supportive community, and a feeling that