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The Great Cast in and Out of Costume Pictures

The latest period-piece comedic drama has arrived with Hulu’s new series The Great, a loose take on the rise of Catherine the Great, the longest reigning female ruler of Russia. In true 18th-century fashion, it features an epic array of beautiful, dramatic costumes. From the elaborate gowns to the ostentatious wigs, it’s no surprise that

Elle Fanning’s Outfits as Catherine the Great on The Great

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in Hulu’s new series The Great, which takes place in Russia in the late 1700s. As Catherine the Great, Elle gets to play the part of the longest reigning female ruler in the country, overthrowing her husband, Peter III. Of course, just one watch through the trailer will assure

Reasons to Watch the Great British Baking Show

I can still remember following my mom around the kitchen of our tiny apartment when I was a kid, often covered in chocolate and still too short to see over the countertop as I watched her mix a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies. She taught me to bake at a young age, and my