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Put Some Cayenne Pepper in A Glass of Water, and Drink It! A Miracle Happens in 10 Seconds

A number of studies have been published confirming the medicinal properties of ground pepper. In fact it’s the high content of the active ingredient capsaicin that accounts for the numerous health benefits of ground pepper. Plus, this common kitchen ingredient is also rich in vitamin C, B6, E flavonoids, manganese and potassium. Since ancient times,

Distressed Glass Made Easy – Lolo Eats

It’s amazing what a little bit of paint can do to cheapo thrift store glass isn’t it? A little bit of color and a little bit of elbow-grease can produce a distressed piece of decor customized to your color scheme. Cheap. Easy. Fast. My fav kind of DIY projects. Check out how you can easily

Thrifted Glass Bird Feeders – Lolo Eats

It’s a perfect time to show you a fun DIY project that you can put together quickly from thrift store or Dollar Tree finds. Think candy dishes, vases and candle holders. Look for pretty pieces of cut glass and you’re ready for a shabby-chic bird feeder! I have collected any glass piece at any thrift store