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Get a Custom Painted Planter With Your Dog’s Face on Etsy

Dogs and succulents are two things we never thought we’d say in the same sentence, but as two of our hands-down favorite things, when they come together, we can’t help but be obsessed. During a scroll through Etsy, we stumbled upon Meow3D, a shop that makes custom-painted planters based entirely on a photo of your

Etsy’s Custom Harry Potter Wands Are Riddikulusly Affordable

As a huge Harry Potter fan growing up, I couldn’t wait for the day my wax-sealed Hogwarts letter would finally arrive and I could make my way to Diagon Alley to have my wand choose me at Ollivanders. While that day has yet to happen (I haven’t lost hope!), Etsy shop HeartwoodWands has me convinced

Astrology Birthdate Candles For All 365 Days of the Year

Horoscopes and tarot readings have always fascinated me, which is exactly why these personalized Birthdate Candles ($38) caught my eye the minute I saw them. Available in 365 different scents, each candle is inspired by the specific day you were born, making each one a unique look into who you are. The front of each

Disney World’s Coral Minnie Ears Sparkle Like Mermaid Tails

As Princess Ariel would say, I’ve got Disney World whozits and whatzits galore but it’s no big deal because I always want more, and the park’s new coral-colored Minnie Mouse Ears are next on my list of treasures to collect. The slightly irridescent ears are covered in pinkish-orange sequins that shimmer in the sunlight like