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Sexy Male Superhero Artwork | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

In David Talaski-Brown’s mind, Thor doesn’t wear a red cape and full-body armor — he rocks a pink polka-dot robe, green Hulk slippers, and, well, that’s about it. A 30-year-old artist from Portland, OR, David is flipping the script with men superheroes, giving them a sexy makeover as a nod to the way scantily clad

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Party Ideas and Pictures

When Holly Osbourn was tasked with hosting a twin gender reveal party for her boyfriend’s sister, Courtney, and her husband, Andy, she Siriusly went all out. And if that corny pun wasn’t an obvious enough indication, she chose a magical Harry Potter theme, planning every single clever detail to Hermione Granger levels of perfection. “I

Chrissy Teigen on Gender Expectations For Kids

Chrissy Teigen is officially throwing preconceived gender expectations for kids out the window. While promoting Pampers’ Share the Love Campaign, a movement meant to inspire and remind moms that they’re doing great, the mother to 3-year-old Luna and 21-month-old Miles opened up about how terms like “mama’s boy” and “daddy’s girl” can be problematic. “I