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Having Black Friends Doesn’t Make You Antiracist — Do More

If you’ve ever said, “I’m not racist! I have Black friends,” you might need to rethink what it means to be a friend. As someone who’s been the token Black friend on multiple occasions, that phrase has always been problematic to me. It made me question a lot of my own friends for some time,

Friends Fans Can Get a Chandler Bing Candle on Amazon

Friends fans, listen up: Amazon is selling a candle any Central Perk regular would love — especially someone prone to witty one-liners and quips. According to its description, Define Design 11’s Chandler Bing Scented Candle ($26) smells like “funny one-liners, delivered with the perfect amount of sarcasm, a bromance with Joey that’s one for the

Are Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Friends?

Even if basketball isn’t your thing, it’s hard to deny that ESPN’s The Last Dance is pretty damn entertaining. The focus of the 10-part sports documentary is on Michael Jordan during the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season, but the series also delves into MJ’s relationships with his teammates, including his friendship with fellow Bull Scottie Pippen.

Watch Courteney Cox Talk Binge-Watching Friends on Ellen

Apparently, Courteney Cox and I share a favorite pastime: binge-watching old episodes of Friends. On a recent virtual visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress revealed she’s been spending her time at home hanging out with her daughter, Coco, making TikToks, and rewatching the hit NBC sitcom. But unlike me, Cox dove into the

How to Play Quiplash With Friends or Family Remotely

When I married my husband, I married into a Quiplash family. Forget the awkward “get to know you” questions; I bonded with my in-laws over witty and competitive game nights. Quiplash felt like a rite of passage where outrageous answers became inside jokes, and laughing until you cry was basically tradition. Safe to say, I

8 Fun Parties You Can Have With Friends Over FaceTime

We’re so thankful for online video platforms like FaceTime and Zoom right now, as they’ve made it so easy to stay in touch with family and friends when we can’t physically be together. One of the things we miss most right now is both hosting and attending events with our loved ones. From happy hours,