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Noom’s Guide to Healthy, Shelf-Stable Red, Yellow, and Green Foods

Author: Noom Coaching Team “If I can’t get my hands on fresh foods, there’s no way I can eat a healthy diet!” While our bodies thrive on fresh, nutrient-dense foods, we might not always have access to these. Popular to contrary belief, prepared or prepackaged food isn’t synonymous with unhealthy, and there are plenty of

US State Foods | POPSUGAR Food

Despite the growing number of chain restaurants across America, regional cuisine remains as vast as our continent is wide. After all, there are whole TV shows dedicated to traveling for a taste of each state’s authentic and iconic dishes, but to know the history behind their creation is another story. For instance, do you know

Trader Joe’s Low-Carb Foods | POPSUGAR Fitness

Navigating a low-carb diet can be tricky, but when you’re pressed for time in the kitchen, these foods from Trader Joe’s can help. Of course, there are lots of reasons to shop for fresh foods and make your meals from scratch — less sodium and fewer additives, for starters — but in the real world,