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How I Created My Healthiest Body Yet in My Fifties (and How You Can, Too)

Here are some intelligent, useful ideas for creating your healthiest body yet – even in your fifties and beyond. People can look beautiful in a variety of shapes and sizes; however, science is helping us to understand that inflammation accelerates aging – and therefore it’s usually healthier for people to keep their overall percentage of

11 of the Most Pivotal Decisions You’ll Make During Your Lifetime

Life is a series of choices. By making the best decisions, we stand poised to live the happiest life possible. The human life tends to follow a timeline in which many of us make certain key decisions within approximately the same periods. 1. What Love Looks Like to You Developmental psychologists have established that each

Use Ankle Weights to Sculpt Your Physique

Try these 16 exercises using wrist and ankle weights to develop strength, shape, and definition in your thighs and abdominals. Ankle weights can be a highly effective and fun weapon in your fitness arsenal. Use ankle weights to fight – and win – the war on weak, shapeless thigh and abdominal muscles. Your physique will