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Benefits of Parenting in Shifts and Alternating Bedtime

After the first few weeks in lockdown, my partner and I were stepping on each other’s toes, bickering about minor infractions, and playing a constant game of tit for tat. There had to be a better way to get through this time, but we sure as hell hadn’t figured it out. I solicited the guidance

“Old Town Road” Daycare Closed Parody Video by Chris Mann

It’s been more than a month since most of our kids’ daycares and schools have been closed, so singer and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann put together a hilarious parody of Old Town Road” (that little-known ditty by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus). Much like his social-distancing-inspired cover of Adele’s “Hello,” his

Why People Should Take Stay-at-Home Parents More Seriously

👇🏼🤷🏽‍♀️ Posted by Megan Noelle Powell on Saturday, April 11, 2020 Megan Noelle Powell, a stay-at-home mom of six kids, has been used to her needs not being taken seriously. Whenever she’d vent about how exhausting it is to be with little ones all day, she’d be met with eye rolls and admonishments that she shouldn’t

What Kind of Attachment Do I Have With My Child?

As a marriage and family therapist who practiced for a little over five years (LMFT, MA MFT) and a mama, I’ve always been interested in the subject of attachment. Throughout my work as a therapist, I’ve witnessed the importance of forming a healthy attachment with your child, so when my daughter was born, creating this