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American Eagle Aerie Fabric Face Masks

Still searching for masks online? The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that Americans wear face coverings when out in public, so we should all stock up. Wearing face masks can help to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s why we are happy to see that American Eagle and Aerie

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Color-Changing Face Mask TikTok

I solemnly swear to spend all my money on anything and everything Harry-Potter-related, and that includes this handmade Marauder’s Map mask that changes colors when you breathe into it. Colorado-based artist Stefanie Hook made the mask from scratch and shared a video, which now has over two million views, of the face mask in action

Cubcoats Has Kids’ Animal Face Masks That Are Actually Cute

Cubcoats, the brand that brought our kids adorable stuffed animals that turn into sweatshirts, is hoping to make your child’s transition to potentially long-term mask-wearing a bit easier. The company is offering two different two-packs of washable masks featuring animal designs that will make your kid’s mouth resemble that of a tiger, puppy, bear, or

Old Navy Reusable Face Masks For Adults and Kids

Old Navy is adding nonmedical-grade face masks to its lineup of products for the whole family, in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation that all people over the age of 2 wear masks when in public. The reusable cloth masks will come in packs of five for both adults and kids,