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Here’s Why Yoga Helps With Anxiety, According to Experts

Yoga has a measurable impact on your mental health. According to a 2019 study from the Boston University School of Medicine, yoga sessions improve sleep quality and feelings of tranquility and positivity, while decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression. And while the positive effects build up over time — so the more yoga you do,

2 Experts on How a Daily Yoga Practice Can Ease Inflammation

If you’re exploring different ways to holistically aid your inflammation pain, talking to your doctor about adding a yoga practice into your daily routine could be a source of relief. But, first, know that not every inflammation-focused yoga practice is going to look the same. That’s because inflammation pain (both acute and chronic) presents itself

Can Acne Impact Your Job Prospects? What Experts Say

Image Source: Getty Much to the dismay of anyone with atychiphobia, the truth about job hunting remains: in interviews, like in life, there are only so many things you can control. Even when you’ve fine-tuned your résumé, researched the company, and concocted a decidedly thoughtful response to the wild card “What kind of animal would