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Disney Launches New Magic Moments Entertainment Destination

Between early movie releases, free animation classes, and virtual parades, Disney is helping keep families occupied (and entertained!) during this period of staying home. The brand has now compiled all that content on a new online destination: Disney Magic Moments. The website, which couldn’t have come at a better time, features original video content, activity

Schitt’s Creek Memes | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Schitt’s Creek is a goldmine for memes and quotable dialogue. From the quirky characters and their hilarious expressions to the ridiculously memorable quotes, there’s no part of this show that isn’t perfectly meme-able — so it should come as no surprise that fans are already on it! Social media is chock-full of memes that combine

Netflix’s Tiger King Memes | POPSUGAR Entertainment

If you haven’t yet watched Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King, first of all, what are you even doing? Second of all, you need to watch immediately, because the whole story is absolutely wild. The show centers on Tiger King Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma zookeeper of sorts and lover of big cats who is also a polygamist

Work-From-Home Playlist | 2020 | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Whether you’re working from home regularly or you’ve shifted to remote work temporarily due to the COVID-19 crisis, there’s one thing that can make your home office better: a great playlist! As more and more people begin to work remotely, we’ve put together a fun work-from-home playlist packed with both familiar and lesser-known songs to

Harry Potter Candles | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Every book-lover knows there’s nothing quite like lighting a candle and curling up with your favorite novel. And when your candle goes hand in hand with your book perfectly, it’s even better! If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, then you probably know there are tons of themed candles out there to choose from, so

Saddest Harry Potter Moments | POPSUGAR Entertainment

There’s no better way to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s proudest creation, Harry Potter, than by crying . . . right? Over the course of Rowling’s magical series, fans of the books and films have been brought to tears more times than we can count. While the many character deaths are always devastating, there are also plenty

Mulan Live-Action Movie Soundtrack | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan might not be a musical, but it will still feature some of the classic songs from the original movie. Christina Aguilera, who appeared on the 1998 film’s soundtrack, is lending her voice yet again with not one, but two songs. In addition to doing a remake of “Reflection,” which gained