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Benefits of Parenting in Shifts and Alternating Bedtime

After the first few weeks in lockdown, my partner and I were stepping on each other’s toes, bickering about minor infractions, and playing a constant game of tit for tat. There had to be a better way to get through this time, but we sure as hell hadn’t figured it out. I solicited the guidance

How I Broke the Habit of Eating Dessert Every Night

I have a serious sweet tooth. Despite being a bit of a health nut, when my sugar addiction kicks in, there’s no stopping it. I can go all day enjoying healthy, clean, organic meals, only to top it off with one too many cupcakes. OK, fine, three too many. Sometimes I can keep it at

Mallory Pugh 10-Minute Ab Workout Review

I never know what to tell people when they ask me what my hobbies are, but I’ve finally come up with a suitable answer: I love learning how professional athletes train to be the best in their sport. It’s definitely not painting or dance classes, but in my opinion, it’s still cool in its own

Why a Morning Routine Is Essential When Working From Home

I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, but if I had to choose between snoozing my alarm for an extra 15 minutes and basically anything else, you’d find me with my eye mask on and curtains drawn, fighting for a few extra minutes of REM sleep. When I first began working from home, rolling

Does Lush Sleepy Lotion Work?

I sleep through earthquakes, construction outside our bedroom, my husband taking a shower and getting ready for work. It’s my superpower. My husband, however, wakes at the slightest noise and regularly wakes every few hours throughout the night and early morning hours. This means he lives a sleep-deprived existence, so I’ve made it my mission