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Best Pitcher Drink Recipes | POPSUGAR Food

Crafting a cocktail with a mix of rum, vodka, gin, or tequila is a great way to get the party started, but it’s time-consuming. So skip the last-minute bartending stress and fill a pitcher full of freshly squeezed juices, yummy fruits, and booze beforehand. It’s the ticket to a full night of fun without filling

Here’s How Much More Water You Should Drink in the Summer

Even if your canteen is already an extension of your arm, summer is here to test your commitment to hydration by adding to your daily water quota. “You should definitely up your water intake during the hot summer months. When you’re sweating, you lose water and electrolytes, which can make you feel lousy, dizzy, or

Here’s When to Reach For a Sports Drink Over Water

I used to find any excuse to hydrate with a flavored sports drink over water — until I learned that my daily fitness routine doesn’t make a strong enough case for the sugary beverage. “The difference between hydrating with a sports drink over water is the addition of important electrolytes like sodium and potassium that

Starbucks Just Released a Pink Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

Oh, what’s that? You’re obsessed with Starbucks’s fan-favorite Pink Drink? You love how it tastes *just* like pink Starburst candies and can’t resist taking an Instagram photo every time you order one? *Starbucks’s Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink has entered the chat.* That’s right, folks. Yet another blush-colored beverage has joined the permanent Starbucks menu: the