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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Got Max a Goldendoodle Dog

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have welcomed a special new member to their family: an adorable puppy. The couple recently surprised Jennifer’s 12-year-old son, Max, with the goldendoodle pup, and he’s beyond thrilled. There’s just one dilemma . . . they’re stuck on his name. The Lopez-Rodriguez family have a couple of names in mind,

Chris Evans Gives Dog Dodger Bad Haircut | Photo

During a time when dyeing your hair wild colors and giving yourself bangs is more than encouraged, Chris Evans has made a disastrous doggy beauty faux pas. In an attempt to make his pup feel like he came fresh from the groomer’s during the stay at home order, Chris made the same mistake as every

Video of a Dog Jumping the Into Bathtub With a Toddler

I cannot..Edit- people asked me if they can share, feel free! It made me smile 🙂Edit edit- yes we have a tv in our master bathroom, this is where I get my mom my son doesn’t sit in front of a tv all day and night, he’s not paying attention to her because this