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Strawberry Rocks – Lolo Eats

Strawberry Rocks have been floating around Pinterest for a while now. The legend goes if you put these painted rocks next to your strawberry plants before strawberries start to grow you can trick those pesky birds who love to devour these sweet treats. They spot your big, plump red “strawberries”, fly over for a nibble or

Thrifted Glass Bird Feeders – Lolo Eats

It’s a perfect time to show you a fun DIY project that you can put together quickly from thrift store or Dollar Tree finds. Think candy dishes, vases and candle holders. Look for pretty pieces of cut glass and you’re ready for a shabby-chic bird feeder! I have collected any glass piece at any thrift store

Sweet Almond Butter and Oatmeal Soap

Now that I have discovered the ease of Melt & Pour Soap Base, and how simple it is to customize I have become a bit of a fanatic. But that’s OK because soap is necessary in life. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m elbow-deep creating a fun new beautiful soap. This time

Growth Chart Keepsake with Magnetic Photo Strip

I decided I wanted to do something special. A diy growth chart ruler complete with a magnetic strip to clip fun photos on. Check out how I made it for me… to remember yourA trip to the craft store will supply you with everything you need: vinyl numbers, 1″ wide magnetic strip tape (at least

Thanksgiving Tree – Lolo Eats

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought to bring you a new idea for your family!! I just couldn’t resist waiting and saving this project for next year. I had so much fun making our Thanksgiving Tree from fallen leaves in my yard, and I had to share this with you. The supplies are