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Sourdough Starter Day by Day Photos

I named him “Voldy” after He Who Must Not Be Named, and yes, this is an important first step to a successful sourdough starter. However, my husband preferred to call him “Yeastie Boy” (even playing him “Intergalactic” to prove the point that this was a superior name), and while this happened to coincide with Voldy’s

DIY Vinyl Record Butterflies – Lolo Eats

Supplies Needed: Vinyl Record of your ChoiceStencil of a Butterfly (Make one!)ScissorsPencilDremel1/4 inch Sanding Band Mandrel + Sanding Bands5/64 inch diamond wheel pointStovePot Holders Step 1:Trace your butterfly stencil onto your record using a pencil. Step 2:Then with the diamond wheel point, make a hole at a corner point in your stencil.Begin pulling the dremel

DIY Dunkin’ Donuts Kits Come With Frosting and Sprinkles

Hold onto your sprinkles, dessert-lovers, because Dunkin’ Donuts now has DIY doughnut kits. So who’s ready to have an at-home doughnut-decorating party? The kits, available at select locations across the country, come in small boxes of four doughnuts for $6 or large boxes of nine doughnuts for $10. The idea for the kits was born