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Watch Justin Bieber’s Changes: The Movement Visual Album

Justin Bieber is delivering the uplifting content we need right now. Since March 2, the singer has been dropping weekly videos as part of his visual album, Changes: The Movement. The collection features impressively choreographed clips that accompany songs from his recent LP, Changes. Each of them thematically align with their respective tracks, exploring topics

Celebrity Families Film Dance Videos During Self-Isolation

Although spending mandatory time at home with the kids has thrown our daily routines for a loop, some celebrity families are making the most out of self-isolation by filming uplifting dance routines and sharing them on social media. Sure, we’ve been making it a priority to give our children access to plenty of free educational

Dua Lipa “Break My Heart” Dance Tutorial Video

My lack of dancing skills is not a well-kept secret, but with plenty of time at home, I’ve been tempted to learn routines in the privacy of my own apartment. Take, for instance, Kyle Hanagami’s first online tutorial set to Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart” — an absolute bop, BTW. The choreographer is typically known

Fans Are Doing the “Little Bit Alexis” Schitt’s Creek Dance

Are you ready? Let’s do it. People are beginning to pick up hobbies, and for some that means learning to sew, and for others, that’s starting a new book. But for Schitt’s Creek fans, this might mean learning the “A Little Bit Alexis” dance from season five. Clips of people recreating the routine have started

Taylor Swift’s “The Man” Dance Routine Video

Taylor Swift’s discography is great for getting up and moving (hello, “Shake It Off”) and thanks to choreographer Kyle Hanagami, fans have new dance moves to go along with one of her recent hits: “The Man.” Kyle hosted a class at Millennium Dance Complex in LA and taught the attendees an energetic routine that hits

Dua Lipa “Physical” Group Dance Choreography | Video

Slip into a neon bodysuit and put your ponytail up high, because this dance routine to Dua Lipa’s “Physical” will make you feel the burn. The ’80s-themed routine, choreographed by Uy Albert on YouTube, has me imagining the days when jazzercise was hot and zebra-striped underwear over leggings were all the rage. In what I

Charli D’Amelio Teaches Jimmy Fallon TikTok Dances | Video

Charli D’Amelio is educating the, ahem, older generation on the ins and outs of TikTok. The 15-year-old social media star stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 10, and she took a moment to teach Jimmy the app’s most popular dances. She is an expert, after all. Her TikTok account has over

Dem Raider Boyz Step Squad Black History Program | Video

Black History Month might’ve just ended, but we’re still not over this incredible step routine from the legendary Dem Raider Boyz Step Squad. The group of Eleanor Roosevelt High School students from Maryland have built the No. 1 all-male step team in the country, which is evident from a recent performance on Feb. 26. Their