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You Should Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut About These 5 Things

In today’s world, with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all sorts of other ways of globalizations and social media networking, most of us don’t really have a private life. Which is wrong. Not all should have information about your private life, because you don’t really know how they might use it! Though you may have many

A Teenager Committed Suicide After Being Called “Dirty” By Her Own Teacher !

The police in  Kenya opened an investigation. The reason you’re about to read is clearly “not a big deal”. But for a young girl, and in the society of Kenya, it clearly is. A 14 year old girl from Kenya took her own life just recently. Apparently, the motive was mocking. And nevertheless – by

19 Ingenious Life Hacks That’ll Have You Saying “Why Didn’t I Know About This Sooner?”

The Internet is full of useful and unuseful stuff to scroll further on. This article is definitely a one you must read if you want to use many tricks that could be of enormous use around the house especially. You would be amazed just how easily stuff could be repaired, or re-used. 1. To prevent

Japanese Discover The Secret Of Their Long Life Expectancy !

Do you know that more than 50% of the Japanese population live into their 90’s? a study has concluded that the Asians as a nation have one of the world’s highest average life expectancy, estimated at about 83,7 years. As a simple comparation, Russians average lifespan is 68,7. Another interesting fact, according to the writings