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Funny and Cute Videos of a Double-Amputee Cat Named Duck

At 6 months old, Duck the rescue kitten is absolutely thriving thanks to a family of humans and animals who love and support her, but the double-amputee’s fate was almost much darker. At just a couple of weeks old, with one front leg degloved and the other severely broken, Duck was almost put down. Duck’s

Cute Photos of the Schitt’s Creek Cast Hanging Out Together

The cast of Schitt’s Creek may not always get along on the show, but in real life, it’s a different story. Yes, Eugene, Dan, and Sarah Levy may all be related, but their bond is just as strong with the rest of the group, including Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, Emily Hampshire, and Noah Reid. From

20 Cute Home Offices You’ll Want to Re-Create

Creating your home office space means finding a balance between decorating with fun decor and furniture pieces and also keeping it professional so it actually feels like a work environment. Your productivity correlates with how you set up your WFH space, meaning it’s important to have a healthy combination of both personalization and professionalism. Whether

15 Pairs of Cute and Sexy Crotchless Panties

Why do we love open-crotch lingerie? Well, they’re sexy, they’re unexpected, and, most of all, they’re easy-access, which makes for some seriously fun and steamy encounters. Talk about form meeting function! The spectrum of crotchless designs ranges from more demure pieces with discrete slits to a bit more risqué styles with wide-open gussets and exposed

See Cute Pictures of a Golden Retriever and Bunny Rabbit

Ever since my husband and I rescued our Golden Retriever, we routinely ask ourselves what we did before getting her. What exactly did we fill our time with? How could anything have possibly been — or be — better than having a Golden flop around our house, producing more hairballs than I thought possible? I