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How Dannijo Is Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you follow Danielle Snyder on Instagram, then you know that passion and positivity are practically synonymous with her brand. Danielle, who cofounded Dannijo with her sister Jodie in 2008 — yes, just as the recession hit — is part boss and part do-gooder, a winning combination for any business leader, but particularly important given

Why I’m Worried About Hydroxychloroquine Shortages

Pharmacists have reported an uptick in requests for hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that’s believed to treat COVID-19. Experts suspect that doctors and dentists may be writing prescriptions for themselves or loved ones who would otherwise have no need for the drug — a scary prospect for those of us who rely on hydroxychloroquine to treat

What to Do If You or Your Family Gets Sick From Coronavirus

For many young families, we’re spending so much time doing our best to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus that we haven’t fully prepared ourselves for what we should do if we — or another member of our household — contracts COVID-19. Sasha Romary, a postpartum doula and sleep consultant for the online resource

Coronavirus: Doctor warns Brits to check ingredients in hand wash before buying it

During the coronavirus pandemic, people are being advised to regularly wash their hands with warm water and soap, as well as to stay inside as much as possible and keep two metres from those they don’t live with. However a doctor has said that while washing your hands is the best thing to do, you

Seven ways to banish coronavirus blues – including dreaming of your next holiday

Humans are simply not wired to tolerate any ­uncertainty for long. No wonder, then, that as the coronavirus situation changes by the day, we’re ­experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety. A 2016 study at University College London found that stress is maximised when uncertainty is at its highest. In fact, the study concluded that uncertainty is

Team USA Wash With US Challenge

Much like the World Health Organization’s Safe Hands Challenge, where people are practicing hand hygiene on camera, Team USA members are sharing videos of themselves scrubbing away thoroughly while reminiscing about their favorite Olympic and Paralympic moment. It’s called the Wash With US Challenge, and it’s another way to continue highlighting the importance of washing

CDC Now Recommends Wearing a Cloth Face Mask in Public

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is advising all Americans to wear cloth face masks in public, a new national guideline to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. President Donald Trump announced the change in guidelines on April 3, following the lead of health officials in California, New York, and elsewhere who had already recommended

Beauty Brands Supporting Hairstylists During Coronavirus

Over the course of the last few weeks, it’s been inspiring to see how the beauty industry is coming together to support each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. Beauty brands are doing things like donating proceeds from sales to charity groups, giving away products to medical staff working on the frontlines, and even dedicating factory

Celebrities Who Have Donated to Coronavirus Relief

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and forces many businesses to close, celebrities are rallying together to help those in need and aid in relief efforts. Stars like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ciara, and Russell Wilson have all stepped up and donated to food banks and charities, while others like John

Dad Pretends to Be Waiter to Kids at Dinner Amid Coronavirus

So because isolation and going nuts we threw a dinner party for the kids… #coronavirus #lockdown #coronavirusuk #covid19UK #basilfawlty #fawltytowers — @bigbenmoore (@bigbenmoore) March 28, 2020 Parents are probably not looking forward to having to prepare their 473rd meal in a row for their kids tonight, but one UK-based dad found a way to