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Marsai Martin, Storm Reid Don’t Rush Challenge | Video

Whether it involves a flowy floral dress or sweatpants and a robe, staying indoors means dressing for yourself, and Marsai Martin is here to show us how it’s done. In a video shared to her Instagram account on Friday, Marsai shared a compilation of herself and a few famous friends — including Storm Reid, Skai

Tom Holland Shirtless Handstand Instagram Challenge | Video

If Steve Rogers has America’s ass, then I’d like to make a strong argument for Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man, having America’s abs because he is hiding some serious gym progress under that spidey suit. In a series of videos shared to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Tom made an attempt at the “Handstand Challenge,” in

Fans Are Doing the “Little Bit Alexis” Schitt’s Creek Dance

Are you ready? Let’s do it. People are beginning to pick up hobbies, and for some that means learning to sew, and for others, that’s starting a new book. But for Schitt’s Creek fans, this might mean learning the “A Little Bit Alexis” dance from season five. Clips of people recreating the routine have started

Jennifer Garner Self-Isolation Challenges Video

If you’ve spent any time scrolling on Instagram this past week, you’ve likely seen the challenges being set to encourage others to stay active and stay at home. Of course, it’s not just our own friends taking part, celebrities are getting in on the action, too. So far, we’ve seen the press-up challenge, the “I

Watch the TikTok Random Number Makeup Challenge

It’s not hard to get lost in the sea of TikTok videos available on the internet. For beauty-lovers, the app is an endless resource for makeup challenges — PurpleShampooChallenge or #OneMinuteMakeupChallenge, anyone? Well, we have a new one for you called the random number makeup challenge. Armed with your favorite eye shadow palette, the challenge