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Grandparents Do TikTok Dances For Their Grandkids

TikTok dance challenges are taking over the app (and the rest of the internet, TBH), with everyone from Ciara to LeBron James participating. But our favorite TikTok entertainers have to be two grandparents who go by “Granmacca” and perform popular choreo for various dance challenges set by their grandkids. Their moves are seriously incredible, but

5-Day Apartment Cleaning Challenge | POPSUGAR Home

Call me crazy, but there’s something about a thorough deep clean that really makes me happy. Of course, keeping up with the little things like sweeping and dishes is important and makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your apartment, but going that extra mile to eradicate grime from the less-noticed spots

What Is the Met Gala Challenge on Instagram?

The 2020 Met Gala may be postponed, but that hasn’t stopped people from getting fashionably creative and imaginative at home. Prompted by Billy Porter and Vogue, stylish individuals have been re-creating designer outfits for the #MetGalaChallenge, and no surprise, the results are absolutely incredible. Billy kicked off the challenge last month when he asked followers

How to Enter Alexander Wang’s White T-Shirt Contest

Alexander Wang has issued a call to get creative. The designer recently announced the launch of a new contest encouraging Instagram users to customize classic white t-shirts using supplies at home. Chosen by May 1, the winner will then receive a personalized care package valued at $1,000! The contest comes shortly after Alexander and Behati

5 Fitness Challenges to Try While Working Out at Home

Navigating your new workout normal from home is a great time to reimagine your fitness goals. Rethink what it means to work out in a group by completing a social media fitness challenge, and nominate your friends to do the same. Or, look within and commit to a personal milestone you never dreamed you’d be