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Dr Miriam Stoppard: Worrying rise of bowel cancer among young – Miriam Stoppard

Here’s a puzzle. Bowel cancer, usually a disease of advancing age, is occurring in younger and younger people. Why should this be? Cases are rising among adults under 50 in nearly all countries studied. The exception is Japan. It has among the highest rates of colorectal (bowel) cancer in the world but has seen a

The Leaves of Soursop Are 1,000 Times Stronger At Killing Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy!

Among all the healthy products out there, there is one plant, whose leaves will bring health benefits like you never imagined before! Soursop leaves are 1,000 times stronger in the fight against cancer without any chemotherapy or other radical treatments. You may have not heard of soursop yet, but we promise that this is a

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Early blood test may help to tackle lung cancer – Miriam Stoppard

Early diagnosis is key to survival from cancer – allowing quicker treatment, better outcomes and fewer deaths. This is especially true for lung cancer. About 47,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK every year, 41,000 of who are smokers or ex-smokers. The sad truth is fewer than one in 10 patients survive

20 Foods You Should Eat as Often as Possible to Activate Your Cancer Preventing Genes

A wide range of malignancy treatment research studies have found that precaution treatment is greatly improved and more viable than receptive treatment. The restorative specialists guarantee this is perhaps the most ideal approaches to diminish your chances of getting malignant growth. As indicated by these examinations, perhaps the best proportion of barrier is our way

Eeat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeds Protects The Heart

Some people love the red onion, and some hate it because of its smell. Then again, its health impacts are stunning! It ought to be eaten raw, on the grounds that cooking it reduces its capacities. There are many combinations with red onion, and also, for lunch, you can eat it as a side dish.