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How to cope with your anxiety

Author: Tammy Taylor, CPT, BHS An hour before you start your new workout class you begin to feel it. That uneasy feeling in the bottom of your stomach. That feeling that some would like to pleasantly refer to as “butterflies”, but actually feels more like a swarm of angry bees. You calmly try to utilize

The 7 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Author: Angela Finn PSA: Ditching fruits to lose weight is not necessary, nor is it encouraged. Seriously! A while back, we busted the myth: You shouldn’t eat fruit because it’s high in sugar. Sure, fruits do contain carbohydrates (also known as naturally occurring sugars), but these carbohydrates are complex (literally and figuratively) and they are

7 Healthiest Breads – Lolo Eats

Author: Karen Kawolics, MS RD LD, MEd Cutting out all bread is a popular, yet often misguided, tactic some dieters employ to quickly drop pounds. Eliminating one food group or one item, such as healthy bread, from your diet is often not sustainable and can have a rebound effect. In other words… then you overeat

How to Use Meditation for Anxiety

Author: Anna Pashkova, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM-EP You’ve likely heard about meditation since it’s popularity has been rising in recent years, but did you know that you can use meditation for anxiety? Before we get into the details, let’s briefly explore what meditation is. Simply put, meditation is a mental practice that creates a mind-body

5 Techniques for Stress Relief

Author: Brittany Winfrey We all have stress — at work, at home, and on the road. Sometimes, we can feel especially stressed because of a bad interaction with someone, too much work, or everyday hassles like getting stuck in traffic.  Adrenaline rushes through your body as you try and deal with life’s demands.  Here at

Black Lives Matter – Lolo Eats

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. — James Baldwin Like everyone, we at Noom were horrified by the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, just in the last few weeks. And we are outraged at the persistent reality of racial

Noom’s Guide to Healthy, Shelf-Stable Red, Yellow, and Green Foods

Author: Noom Coaching Team “If I can’t get my hands on fresh foods, there’s no way I can eat a healthy diet!” While our bodies thrive on fresh, nutrient-dense foods, we might not always have access to these. Popular to contrary belief, prepared or prepackaged food isn’t synonymous with unhealthy, and there are plenty of