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7 Tips to Improve Your Self-Image

Author: Anna Dajero When it comes to boosting your body confidence, your biggest enemy isn’t your reflection in the mirror or the parts of your body that you perceive as “problem areas.” Your true enemy lives right between your ears: your Inner Critic.  And rather than trying to duke it out, we propose some more

Mastering Movement: Understanding the Five Basic Functional Movement Patterns

Author: Jess Abercrombie Movement is a huge part of our daily lives. Walking, reaching, lifting, bending, running, etc. Our days our filled with a variety of movements that we practice so often that we don’t even think twice about how or when we do them. While a task like bending over to pick up a

Problem Solving 101 – Lolo Eats

Author: Tammy Taylor, CPT We’ve all had the feeling of being overwhelmed by a problem that appears too big to solve. Perhaps, your schedule has become more chaotic because you’re short staffed at work, or maybe the pesky habit of night time snacking has crept back in because of a recent break up. Whatever the