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Glossier Grant Initiative For Black-Owned Beauty Businesses

Amid the worldwide protests happening in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many brands in the beauty industry have taken action. One brand at the forefront is Glossier, which announced on May 30 that it will be donating $1 million to organizations focused on combating racial injustice and grants for Black-owned beauty businesses. Now,

Walmart to Stop Locking Up Black Beauty Products

As consumers continue to hold large brands accountable for their role in upholding discriminatory policies, Walmart has confirmed that it will no longer lock up its selection of “multicultural hair care and beauty products” in display cases. The retail giant announced the change on June 10 shortly after a Black shopper criticized the practice in

Coconut Cherry Smoothie Recipe – Beauty Bites

If there’s something wrong with you and cherries on their own, as perfect as they are, aren’t good enough for you, here’s a coconut cherry smoothie recipe you’re very likely to love. Well, who knows, you’re obviously hard to please. But you might like this refreshing healthy smoothie for breakfast, dessert or a snack. Coconut

Beauty Brands That Pulled Up With Stats on Black Employees

UOMA Beauty’s founder and CEO Sharon Chuter created the Pull Up or Shut Up Challenge on June 3 to encourage beauty brands to disclose the makeup of their staff, specifically to share how many Black employees they have. Since she called on the industry to be transparent and share their statistics, many brands have stepped

Best Pat McGrath Makeup | POPSUGAR Beauty

Pat McGrath Labs — the eponymous brand created by makeup artist Pat McGrath — has brought the world highly pigmented shadows, rich lipsticks, and shimmery highlighters to complement a range of skin tones since 2015. In fact, one of the things that inspired her to create this line is because she had trouble finding shades

Facing Racism in the Beauty Industry | Personal Essay

Chandler Rollins is the head of public relations for skin-care brand Farmacy, where this week she has decided to cease media pitching in solidarity with the Black community. Here, she shares, in her own words, her personal experience with racism in the beauty industry — plus, what brands (and us, its consumers) need to do