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Bubble Braid Hairstyle Tutorials | POPSUGAR Beauty

When it comes to convenient, low-maintenance hairstyles, we love a good braid, especially those that look like works of art but really require a lot less effort to do — like bubble braids, for example. Bubble braids have been around for a while, but we’ve recently seen a resurgence of them on our Instagram feeds,

Rainbow Manicure Trend 2020 | Nails Photo Inspiration

While most nail salons are closed right now, we’re looking to get creative with our at-home manicures. It’s no wonder rainbow nails have emerged as a big summer trend — painting each finger a fun color is easy to re-create. Hey, even Kyle Jenner is doing it. Besides being simple to follow, the cheerful shades

Ashley Tisdale Chunky Highlights Throwback Picture Nostalgia

The early 2000s gave us a lot to remember from a beauty perspective — chunky highlights, frosted lips, blue eyeshadow, side bangs — and thanks to Ashley Tisdale’s throwback photo on Instagram, it’s all coming back to us. She uploaded a snapshot from her High School Musical days in 2007 during a visit to MuchOnDemand

Shop the Best Hair Claw Clips | 2020 Summer Hair Trend

If you listen hard enough, you can hear millennial and Gen-Z girls around the globe collectively flinging their hair ties out the window. The claw clip has been quickly gaining popularity on Instagram and TikTok — it’s a trend we can get behind. Not only does the accessory instantly give you a chic little twisted

Joanna Vargas Glow Wand Review

Even as a beauty editor, skin care confuses me. With the exception oiliness every once in a while, I’ve never dealt with any major skin problems, so until recently, I couldn’t always see the benefits in the products I used. (To be fair, that’s likely because I just wasn’t using the right ones.) And don’t