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Organize Your Beauty Collection: Inspiration Photos

In an effort to establish some order in our lives, we’re starting our Spring cleaning a little early this year. That means digging out those expired skincare products from the back of our drawers, washing long-neglected makeup brushes, and tackling the disorganized mess that is our makeup stash. Organizing your beauty products — and reorganizing

Best Hand Creams to Use For Dry Skin

If your hands are feeling particularly dry right now, this one is for you. Despite following a diligent skincare routine morning and night, many of us neglect to give our hands some much-needed TLC. Did you know many dermatologists recommend applying the same products that you use on your face to the backs of your

Best Cheap Pack of Scrunchies on Amazon

I am so guilty of constantly losing any and all hair accessories I own. I couldn’t keep track of a hair tie to save my life. That’s why I pounced on the opportunity to buy this Chloven 45-Piece Hair Scrunchies Set ($6) — it’s been a bestseller on Amazon for months. Over 9,000 customers have

Make Up For Ever Reboot Foundation Review

My biggest problem with foundation? Most formulas cause skin issues for me, from breakouts to flakiness. If I’m going to put something on my face, it should at least be good for my complexion, right? That’s where this brand-new Make Up For Ever Reboot Active Care Revitalizing Foundation ($39) comes in. I decided to give

Best Caudalíe Skincare Products | Review

Somewhere between “good skin” and “bad skin” lie all the small issues: blackheads, whiteheads, uneven texture, dryness, oiliness, and my current personal enemy, dullness. Given my past struggles with cystic acne — banished by a five-month supply of Accutane during my mid-20s — dullness is a walk in the park. Who even cares about patchy

ColourPop Disney Villains Makeup Collection

It’s not easy being the Evil Queen, but wearing ColourPop’s Disney Villains makeup collection helps. With this collaboration between the two brands, the princesses take a backseat to some of fans’ favorite antagonists, including Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Hades, and Dr. Facilier. Embrace your wicked side with highlighters, jelly shadows, glitter pastes, lip products,