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Most-Searched Cake Recipes During Coronavirus

Baking at home has seen a record high in recent months, thanks mostly in part to the global stay-at-home orders that have been put in place during the coronavirus pandemic. From perfecting Chrissy Teigen’s renowned banana bread to whipping up drool-worthy cinnamon rolls for every breakfast of the week, bored bakers can’t seem to get

How to Make Homemade Cinnamon Rolls | Recipe

The idea of making cinnamon rolls at home is daunting, for sure. Who wants to wake up before the crack of dawn to let dough rise for several hours? Well maybe me, but I’m in the vast minority. Luckily, you can prep certain items the night before, so the cinnamon rolls will be ready to

Oreo “Nightmare Potatoes” Recipe TikTok Video

@quincylk Made of neither Nightmares nor Potatoes, these are ##Quincys magical snacks made for rogues. ##quincystavern ##dnd ##oreos ##easyrecipe ##snack ##cookies ##oc ♬ Evening in the Tavern from The Witcher – quincylk We love Oreos for their versatility. Not only are they great on their own or with a simple glass of milk, but they

Sourdough Starter Day by Day Photos

I named him “Voldy” after He Who Must Not Be Named, and yes, this is an important first step to a successful sourdough starter. However, my husband preferred to call him “Yeastie Boy” (even playing him “Intergalactic” to prove the point that this was a superior name), and while this happened to coincide with Voldy’s

Vanilla Swiss Roll Cake Recipe With Pictures

To say I’m obsessed with The Great British Baking Show would be a massive understatement. I’ve rewatched all seasons on Netflix at least twice, I have nightmares about soggy bottoms and raw bread dough, and the thought of getting a handshake from Paul Hollywood is basically the equivalent to receiving a gold medal in the