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How to Prevent Lower-Back Pain During Push-Ups

Let’s hear it for push-ups — they’re an amazing tool for sculpting triceps, they don’t require a single piece of equipment, and after a few sets, you will definitely feel that glorious burn. But throw lower-back pain into the mix, and push-ups are just plain brutal. If you’re healthy and experiencing lower-back pain during push-ups,

Posture-Correcting Exercises to Stop Rounding Shoulders

Proper posture has always been a work in progress for me, but a candid photo of myself is what really woke me up to the reality of my rounded shoulders. (Well, that plus the upper backaches.) The pic was recently snapped by my fiancé from across our work-from-home table. For the record, he was trying

Decode Your Work-From-Home Body Pain and Feel Better

You finally figured out how to do your job from the living room, only to be hit with another roadblock: work-from-home-induced body pain. Thankfully, Jon Cinkay, PT, the coordinator of body mechanics at HSS, has your back — and your head, shoulders, neck, knees, and feet, too. With his help, we’ve created a guide filled

A Simple Stretch to Relieve Upper Back Pain

@drbrian_premierchiro Back pain gone. Duet this and I’ll give a shoutout! ##leavingmybody ##backpain ##neckpain ##themanualphysio ##chiropractor ##chiropractic ##doctor ##physical ♬ True Jackson VP theme – youalreadyknowbb If sitting at your computer all day or constantly slouching over your phone has left you feeling achy, this stretch from Brian Meenan, a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA, can