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Having Black Friends Doesn’t Make You Antiracist — Do More

If you’ve ever said, “I’m not racist! I have Black friends,” you might need to rethink what it means to be a friend. As someone who’s been the token Black friend on multiple occasions, that phrase has always been problematic to me. It made me question a lot of my own friends for some time,

Books About Race on College Campuses

Joining the fight against racial injustice starts with listening to Black voices, sharing resources, and fully educating yourself on the systemic issues that affect Black people. Racism on college campuses affects everyone, and it’s important for all students to acknowledge that non-Black students benefit from a system that has discriminated against Black students. From specific

Black Mom Talks With Daughter About Police Brutality

Michelle D. Garrett, a blogger and the founder of Divas With a Purpose, recently opened up about a sobering conversation she had with her 8-year-old daughter, Veronica, about police brutality in America. In a powerful Facebook post, she explained how nervous Veronica became when she heard her mom was going to the grocery store. “Yesterday

André 3000’s Political Slogan Shirts For Black Lives Matter

Outkast’s André Benjamin (or André 3000, as we know him) is taking us back to 2014 with the political slogans he used to sport on his jumpsuits during performances. The rapper and actor created a website — aptly titled — where he’s selling 13 different long-sleeved T-shirts that feature his own memorable sayings like

USWNT Wants US Soccer to Repeal Its Anthem Policy

Image Source: Getty / Howard Smith / ISI Photos The US women’s national soccer team is speaking out about a policy put in place by the US Soccer Federation (USSF) requiring players to “stand respectfully” during the national anthem. Though no player who violated the policy faced penalties after the policy was adopted in February

Runner Latoya Snell Fundraisers For Black Organizations

Image Source: Courtesy of Latoya Shauntay Snell Sponsored athlete and writer Latoya Shauntay Snell started running in 2013. Her aim? Weight loss. What was supposed to be a single race turned into a lifestyle that she upheld not to shed pounds but to remain active and foster the sense of community she found. The longest

Teenage Ballerinas Protest in Front of Robert E. Lee Statue

Ava Holloway and Kennedy George are 14-year-old ballet dancers at the Central Virginia Dance Academy, and they’re using their love for dance to spread a powerful message about the importance of Black lives. Following the announcement on June 4 that the Robert E. Lee statue located in Charlottesville, VA, will be removed, Holloway and her

Bryce Dallas Howard Suggests Antiracist Movies and Shows

Bryce Dallas Howard is aware that The Help is the most-watched movie on Netflix, and although she had plenty of good experiences creating it, she wants to recommend a few more educational films and shows for your watchlist. The actress shared her thoughts on Instagram on Monday, after her 2011 movie topped Netflix’s charts amid

Rihanna and More Sign an Open Letter For Police Reform

On Monday, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, Nas, and Demi Lovato signed an open letter calling for New York to repeal statute 50-A, the state law that keeps police officers’ personnel and disciplinary records hidden from public view. “We mourn the killing of George Floyd and the

Lego Stops Ads For Police Building Sets

Image Source: Lego Lego is taking the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd seriously, and not just with a hefty donation. On Wednesday, the toymaker announced on Twitter that it would donate $4 million in support of the Black community and pledged to send that money to “organizations dedicated to supporting Black children and