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Thighs & Booty: How to Use Dumbbells to Firm and Chisel Your Leg Muscles

Your leg muscles are the largest groups of muscle fiber in your body. It’s important to train your thighs and booty often. Exercising those muscle groups – quadricep, hamstring, the booty (gluteus maximus), inner thigh (adductor), outer thigh (abductor), and calf – are the most important part of your entire strength-training regimen. The following workout

Speakers That’ll Amp Up Your At-Home Workout

You may be scrambling to find a Spin bike, dumbbells, or resistance bands for your makeshift home gym — but a great speaker system is at the top of my must-have list. That’s because nothing kills a workout quite like silence. Anytime my music or podcast cuts out mid-sweat, I become hyperaware of every sore