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Honey And Baking Soda – An Amazing Cure For The Deadliest Disease!

Since we all know that cancer cells fed on sugar, a treatment with a combination of baking soda and maple syrup or honey seems quite outlandish. However, sugar acts differently in this case. Namely, baking soda neutralizes sugars, so cancer cells will fail to use sugar for their further growth. Also, honey  go contrary to cancer

Almond Milk & Green Tea – Amazing Combination That WIll Help You Lose Weight and Detox Your Body

One ideal approach to kick start your day and to fuel your body for one more day’s test is to drink either espresso or tea. I, for one, inclines toward a blistering cup of tea in the first part of the day. Regardless of whether green or dark tea, with or without sugar, it is

Put Vicks Vaporub On This Place On Your Body Every Night Before Sleeping. Here Are The Amazing Effects

After seeing what the Vicks Vaporub can do on your body, you will be very surprised and I assure you that now you will not only use it for the cold. There is no doubt that this takes all the prominence because what it does is help millions of people in the world. The article

Don’t Waste Your Money on Pedicure Anymore: Just Two Ingredients from Your Kitchen Can Make Your Feet Look Amazing!

Solid feet are in reality progressively significant or your prosperity then you think. Splits, dryness and other feet issues can without much of a stretch deter your personal satisfaction, and debilitating legitimate development and body support. Individual cleanliness and diets can influence the soundness of feet, and those should be fused in the most ideal

She Puts Baking Soda on Her Hands. The Result – Amazing!

Beautiful, smooth skin on your hands often seems unattainable, especially in these cold winter months, when skin is normally more susceptible to drying and cracking. Although many hand care products promise great results, these are only temporary and can cost quite a lot. Luckily, this common kitchen ingredient can also do wonders for the skin


In the year 2016, there will be 1,658,370 new diagnoses of cancer in the United States alone. This is what statistic are saying for this year coming, the sad part of this is that they are just new cases not cases that are exist. Even though medical researcher won’t claim that they have found the