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Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Are Releasing a Bourbon

When it comes to alcohol, I typically stick to clear ones like vodka, gin, and spiked seltzer. But it looks like I’ll be venturing into the world of dark liquor soon, now that Damon and Stefan Salvatore — er, I mean Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley — have reunited to create their own bourbon. The

Low-Calorie Summer Cocktails | POPSUGAR Fitness

It doesn’t matter where you are — poolside, hanging out in a nice air-conditioned home, or chilling on the front porch — there’s something exceptionally satisfying about an ice-cold ultrarefreshing cocktail in your hand on a sweltering summer day. The only downside is that throwing back a few drinks can start to add up, calorie-wise.

Shop Truly’s Summer Friday Hard Seltzer Calendar

Summer Fridays should be classified as their own separate eighth day of the week, if you ask me. Warm, lazy, and somehow longer than any other Friday of the year, these days call for some chill time on the front porch with an ice-cold drink in hand, and Truly Hard Seltzer’s new Summer Fridays Calendar

Target Has Red Wine Glass Raft Floats For Couples For Summer

Target is bringing together our top two summer joys: wine and pool floats. As we prep for warmer weather, there’s really nothing that sounds quite as delightful as chilling on the water with a full glass in hand. Luckily, the superstore is offering a two-pack of Inflatable Red Wine Glass Raft Floats ($34, originally $48),

Boozy Coffee Cocktails Perfect For Summer

If you’re on a cocktail-making kick, we recommend giving boozy coffee beverages a try. Coffee cocktails, similar to iced coffees in consistency, make satisfying summer drinks, and their caffeine punch is ideal for virtual happy hours, brunch, or just because (no judgment here!). Each cocktail has a cool, creamy texture that’s perfect for hot days,

Disney Mint Julep Copycat Recipe With Photos

One of my favorite Disney treats is a mint julep from New Orleans Square in Disneyland. They’re cool and refreshing, and they just taste like summertime. And while Disney’s mint julep is a little different from a traditional one — there’s no alcohol involved in the Disney one! — it’s very simple to re-create at

LaCroix Cocktail Recipes | POPSUGAR Food

Cracking open a can of LaCroix is a good idea any time of day, but especially during happy hour. If you’ve never thought about making quick cocktails with LaCroix, you’re about to have a satisfying moment of realization as you see these 28 creative cocktail recipes anyone can re-create (and without the alcohol, they’d make