How I’m Planning Summer Camp Activities at Home For My Kids

This school year has been such a wild ride with classes being cancelled abruptly in March and no clear indication of when they’ll resume again. As we get ready for summer vacation to start, it’s hard to feel excited about being home when that’s literally all that we have been doing for months now. I

Shop This Disney Theme Park Monopoly Game Board

As we eagerly await the reopening of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, people around the world are finding unique ways to bring a little bit of the happiest place on earth into their homes. In addition to re-creating Splash Mountain in your living room and baking up a storm of copycat Disney recipes, you can

These Disney Princess Brain Teasers Are Pretty Hard!

Image Source: Everett Collection Disney fans — if you’re in need of a little magic in your stay-at-home life, we’ve found a few games that might do the trick. Popular Instagram account Riddle Me This recently posted two Disney princess brain teasers, and let’s just say if you don’t know Moana or Ariel, we suggest

8 Fun Parties You Can Have With Friends Over FaceTime

We’re so thankful for online video platforms like FaceTime and Zoom right now, as they’ve made it so easy to stay in touch with family and friends when we can’t physically be together. One of the things we miss most right now is both hosting and attending events with our loved ones. From happy hours,

Woman with ‘presumed coronavirus’ shares two activities she does to help ease symptoms

Katie Bryant thought she was doing everything right during lockdown. The writer from North Carolina had been staying home, social distancing, only going out to buy essential food and wearing a mask and gloves when she did so. However last week, she started to feel unwell and soon realised she was experiencing the major coronavirus